Butler's Pet Grooming Prices

Cat Lion Clip                                   $70.00
Goldendoodles/labradoodle             $80.00
Shih Tzu                                         $55.00
Cocker Spaniel                                $65.00

Mobile Grooming

Cat Lion Clip                              $85-$125.
Goldendoodles                             $125. up
Shih Tzu                                             $75.
Cocker Spaniel                                    $



Local Veterinary Clinics

Cat Lion Clip                           up to $150.
Goldendoodles                                    $
Shih Tzu                                              $
Cocker Spaniel                                    $


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Super Pet Store

Cat Lion Clip                                     $87.00
Lg mix breed                                     $65. -up
Shih Tzu                                              $
Cocker Spaniel                                    $


While price comparing, please make sure and ask the groomers what is included in their service.  Many shops charge extra for many requests.  Such as dremeling the dogs nails, expressing the glands, etc. These extra charges can significantly change your price. Also some grooming shops cannot do all haircuts and are limited to certain days of the week. If you have a difficult dog some shops cannot use muzzels and are limited to what equipment they can use.

Butler's Pet Grooming service includes: Bath, Brush, Blow Dry, Toenails Clipped, Dremeled on Request (no charge), Ears Cleaned and Plucked, Anal Glands on Request (no charge), Full Body Haircut or Just Light Trimming on Bath Service.


Pet Grooming