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Pet Grooming


Established in 1986 as THE DOG WASH, we purchased the business in 2007 after being employed for 3 years.  We changed the name to BUTLER'S DOG WASH.  In 2016 we decided to change the name to BUTLER'S PET GROOMING.  To better explain what our business does.  (So many people thought we were a self-service dog wash).

We are a small family business. I have been grooming for over 30 years.   We have a wonderful client base and we all love what we do and have compassion for all the animals that come to see us.

Our family has been into the sport of purebred dogs for many years.  We have bred and exhibited some of the top winning Boxers in the United States.  We retired from the sport a several years ago to concentrate on our family businesses.

My husband and I along with my mother in law and both our daughters work here in the shop.  Along with both my Granddaughters that are being conditioned for the shop in the future.